Reform before the NHS

My latest contribution to the People’s History of the NHS website is an entry for our growing Encyclopaedia and an accompanying gallery for our Virtual Museum on the arrival of the health service and fundraising traditions.


Britain’s National Health Service did not come out of nowhere. There were many notable developments, schemes and efforts to co-ordinate and unify healthcare over the preceding decades. Yet the road to 1948 can look rather sparse in terms of major government reforms…

Read more at People’s History of the NHS: Reform before the NHS (post)  

It is tempting to think of 1948, when the NHS was introduced, as Year Zero. However, there were a great many efforts to reform health services over the early twentieth century. These included local municipal initiatives, attempts to develop and co-ordinate voluntary hospitals, the social medicine approach of independent community health centres, schemes for the unification of healthcare providers across the mixed economy and temporary wartime programmes…

Read more at People’s History of the NHS: Pre-NHS Reforms (gallery)


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