Women and Money

This is all about women’s historic relationship with money.

That thought didn’t occur to me until quite late in the day. But in many respects that’s what my latest academic journal article is all about. In itself, it’s further discussion of the means-tested pre-NHS hospital patient payment schemes and the social workers who administered them. This time, looking specifically at the importance of the financial side of their work for the professional identity of those middle-class social workers and the impact it made when a ‘free’ health service arrived in 1948.

But that case study speaks to a wider history of women’s public and private relationships with money. So I’ve written something for the Women’s History Network on that very subject, which you can read at…

Women and Money, Women’s History Network blog

women and money.jpg

Find out more: Gender, Money and Professional Identity: Medical Social Work and the Coming of the British National Health Service, published online in an open access form by the Women’s History Review.

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