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‘Charity Retail in Modern Britain and Ireland: Historical Perspectives’ with Dr Georgina Brewis (UCL), Dr Sarah Roddy (Maynooth University), Ruth Macdonald (Salvation Army International Heritage Centre) and Robin Osterley (Charity Retail Association), Social History Society Online,  8 July 2021

‘Fundraising and Thrift: The multiple meanings of second-hand charity retail in modern Britain’, Secondhand Cultures in Unsettled Times virtual symposium, 15 June 2021


‘The Shopkeepers of St Dunstan’s: From Blind Veterans to Businessmen and Breadwinners’, Disability History Month online lecture, University of Wolverhampton, 7 December 2020

‘Shopping for a cause? A virtual tour through charity shop history’, Being Human festival of the humanities online, British Academy, 18 November 2020 – Watch on YouTube

‘Social Enterprise as Self Help: The Blind Shopkeepers of St Dunstan’s’, Social History Society online event, 26 June 2020 – Watch on YouTube


‘The Shopkeepers of St Dunstan’s: From Blind Veterans to Businessmen and Breadwinners’, Centre for Historical Research seminar, University of Wolverhampton, 11 December 2019

‘Appointed Day: The Arrival of the NHS in the Black Country’ at From Rationing to Reformation: A 1940s Study Day, Black Country Living Museum, Dudley, 20 July 2019

‘Charity Shops and Commercial Traders: A History of Rivalry or Collaboration?’ at Retailing and Community: The Social Dimensions of Commerce in Historical Perspective, University of Wolverhampton, 9 May 2019

‘Some Thoughts on the Need to Think Cross-Discipline’ at the Economic History Society and Social History Society workshop on The Social and Economic Life of Money: From the Medieval to the Modern, Institute of Historical Research, London, 26 January 2019


‘Teaching with Archives’ at the Faculty of Social Sciences Staff Conference, University of Wolverhampton, 17-19 September 2018

‘Roundtable on Teaching the History of Philanthropy and Humanitarianism’ with Anna Bocking-Welch, Georgina Brewis and Triona Fitton, chaired Dr Helen Rogers at the Social History Society conference, Keele University (June 2018)


‘Paying the Hospital and Other Stories; or, Towards a Social History of Money in Modern Life’ invited research seminar, History Department, University of Manchester (19 October 2017)

‘Understanding the Economic Behaviour of Patients’ at the symposium on Patient Voices: Historical and Ethical Engagement with Patient Experiences of Healthcare, 1850-1948, New College, University of Oxford (18-19 September 2017)

‘Money and Modernity’ panel with Kate Bradley, Kathleen McIlvenna and Pam Cox, Modern British Studies conference, University of Birmingham (July 2017)

‘Retail as Fundraising: The NHS as a Case Study’ at the CHORD (Centre for the History of Retailing and Distribution) workshop on Retailing, Distribution and Reputation: Historical Perspectives, University of Wolverhampton (May 2017) – see related blog post

‘The Meaning of “Free” in the Cultural History of the NHS’ invited research seminar for the New History Lab, University of Leicester (May 2017)

‘Statism and Subversion: The Political Meanings of NHS Street Art’ with Natalie Linda Jones at the 11th Conference of the International Network for the History of Hospitals, University of Malta (April 2017)

‘Book Launch: Payment and Philanthropy in British Healthcare, 1918-48’ with Pam Cox, Colin Rochester, Pat Thane and Mathew Thomson, hosted by the Voluntary Action History Society, Institute of Historical Research, University of London (April 2017) – see related blog post

‘Patient Payments in Britain and Beyond’ at the European Healthcare Before Welfare States workshop, University of Huddersfield (February 2017)


‘The Meaning of a “Free” Health Service’ as part of a panel on ‘What’s cultural about the NHS?’ with Roberta Bivins, Jennifer Crane, Jane Hand, Natalie Linda Jones, Jack Saunders and Mathew Thomson, Centre for the History of Medicine seminar, University of Warwick (October 2016)

‘Putting the “Public” into a People’s/Cultural History of the NHS as a “Free” Health Service’ at a workshop on NHS Histories, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (September 2016)

‘Graffiti and the NHS’ at a Radicals Assemble evening on activism, public opinion and the NHS, People’s History Museum, Manchester (August 2016)

‘Voluntarism without Philanthropy? Fundraising and the British National Health Service’ as part of a panel on Fundraising in Modern Britain with Dr Sarah Roddy, Professor Julie-Marie Strange and Professor Bertrand Taithe at the Voluntary Action History Society 25th Anniversary Conference, University of Liverpool (July 2016)

‘Money, Professional Authority and the Lady Almoner’ at the Modern British Studies Seeking Legitimacy workshop, University of Birmingham (June 2016)

‘On Value(s): New Approaches to the Social History of Money’ roundtable with Dr Sarah Flew, Dr Richard Huzzey and chaired by Professor Karen Hunt at the Social History Society 40th Anniversary Conference, University of Lancaster (March 2016)


‘Cultural Histories of Payment at British Hospitals before and after 1948’ at the Digital Health Insurance workshop, Open University (October 2015)

‘Voluntary Action and the Gift Relationship in Modern British History’ at the Changing Nature of Participation & Solidarity workshop, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt (September 2015) – see related blog post

‘Gender and Civic Duty: Breadwinners as Paying Patients in British Healthcare before the National Health Service’ at the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health’s Cash and Care conference, Cologne (September 2015) – see related blog post

‘Campaigning against Child Poverty in 1960s Britain’ at the Social History Society conference, Portsmouth University (April 2015) – see related blog post

‘From Sick Poor to Breadwinners and Citizens: The Social Meaning of Payment in Britain’s pre-NHS Hospitals’, work-in-progress seminar, University of Warwick (February 2015)


‘The Interwar Construction of the Pregnant Patient Consumer’ at the Perceptions of Pregnancy conference, University of Hertfordshire (July 2014) – see related blog post

‘Paying for Health in the pre-NHS Mixed Economy of Healthcare’, part of a panel on Charity in Changing Times for the Social History Society conference, Northumbria University (April 2014) – see related blog post


‘Rethinking the Gift Relationship’ at the VAHS International Research Conference, University of Huddersfield (July 2013)

‘Middle-Class Medicine: Private Hospital Provision before the National Health Service’, research seminar given at both Glasgow Caledonian University (February 2013) and University of Liverpool (March 2013)


‘Charity Begins at Home?’ at the Making Connections workshop, Oxford Brookes University (March 2012) – see related blog post


‘Payment and Entitlement in the Voluntary Hospitals: Britain and the Irish Free State compared’, Voluntarism and the State workshop, Trinity College Dublin (June 2011) – see related blog post

‘For the Sick Poor? Payment and Philanthropy in the pre-NHS Voluntary Hospitals, c.1900-1948’, seminar given to the Voluntary Action History Society, Institute of Historical Research, University of London (June 2011)

‘Gatekeepers of Medical Charity: The Lady Almoner and the pre-NHS Hospital System, 1895-1948’ at the Social Work, Health and the Home: New Directions in Historical Research workshop, Glasgow Caledonian University (April 2011) – see related blog post

‘Teaching the History of the Big Society’ at the Higher Education Academy’s 13th Annual Teaching and Learning History Conference, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford (April 2011)


‘Medical Philanthropy or Private Healthcare? Re-Assessing the pre-NHS Voluntary Hospitals in Britain’, at the Western Conference on British Studies, Austin, Texas (September 2010) – winner of the $500 Graduate Prize

‘Charity Universal: Accessing the Voluntary Hospitals of Bristol, c.1735-1948’, A Second City Remembered: Rethinking Bristol’s History, 1400-2000, UWE (July 2010)

‘Through the Almoner’s Eyes: Medical Charity, Social Enquiry and the Home’, with Lynsey Cullen at the Charity Begins at Home: Approaches to the History of Domestic Space and Voluntary Action, VAHS New Researchers workshop, University of Warwick (March 2010)


‘“Towards Unification”? The Hospital Contributory Scheme Problem in Bristol before 1948’, seminar given to the Voluntary Action History Society, Institute of Historical Research, University of London (April 2009)

‘Locating Charity in the Mixed Economy: Rethinking Medical Voluntarism before the NHS’ at the Medicine and Charity New Researchers workshop, Oxford Brookes University (February 2009)

‘Social Ownership, Consumerism and the NHS: Foundation Trusts in Intellectual Context’, Health Care and the People workshop, Glasgow Caledonian University (January 2009)


‘“You have everything here but organisation”: The Campaign for the Co-ordination of Healthcare in Bristol, c.1918-1948’ at the Economic History Society Residential Training Course for Research Students, University of Manchester (December 2008)

‘“Open the Other Eye”: Civic Duty and Hospital Contributory Schemes in Bristol, c.1927-1948’ given both at the History of Medicine Student Conference, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL (June 2008) and at the VAHS International Research Conference, University of Liverpool (July 2008)

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